Tim and Kevin KautschCustom Gems was started in 1975 by Ed and Erma Pharaoh. Ed was an Earth Science teacher at Platteview High School whose hobby collecting rocks and minerals got out of hand. Erma ran the store during the day while Ed was teaching at school. When he would get off work, he would come to work and teach at the store. Erma taught Silversmithing classes and Ed taught Lapidary. Both classes were held in the evenings. The store was originally located in Rockbrook Village before moving in 1989 to the current location at 8487 Fredrick.

Ed and Erma retired October 1, 2005 and at that time Chuck Swanson became the next owner. Chuck had a fascination for colored gem stones. He started his love for them on a trip to Tanzania. Little did he know that that trip would spark his passion for jewelry. He took classes as well and made many beautiful custom pieces. Needing a place to sell his many creations, he talked to long time friends Ed and Erma who were wanting to retire. They struck a deal and Chuck began at once, making many new changes. He frequented Thailand bringing new and interesting things from halfway around the world; giving the store new connections and a new look.

During this time, Tim Kautsch was managing the store for Chuck. Chuck sold Custom Gems to Tim on April 1, 2009. Tim began taking classes at Custom Gems in 1989 and began working full-time after finishing high school in 1991. He later received his Gemologist degree in 1995 at GIA. Tim is the current owner, working side by side with his brother Kevin Kautsch.

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